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We have a wide range of equipment, excavators and machinery, transportation, vehicles, and accessories.

Excavators & Machinery

A large part of what we do has to do with moving earth. To help us do that we use Excavators. Below, you will find an example of the excavators that we use.

Komatsu PC45 is our smallest excavator:

Komatsu PC128, crews call this machine "Barney".

Komatsu PC138:

Komatsu PC308:

John Deere 490D with a vibratory compactor attachment:

John Deere 310SE with an extenda-hoe:

We also have crawler tractors, commonly referred to as Bulldozers. John Deere 450G:

Transportation Vehicles

Dump Trucks:

We also have other assorted equipment such as generators, compactors rollers, generators, forklifts, graters, etc. We have what it takes for tight fits on small jobs to changing the landscape on a massive scale.